Most broken devices have one thing in common: No good protection.

Basic - $19

Case OR
Unlimited Tempered Glass

Having a good case on your iPhone or iPad is the best way to keep it safe. An excellent alternative is a tempered glass cover to sit on top of your screen. Our tempered glass is "unlimited". If the tempered glass ever breaks or falls off, we'll replace it at no charge.

Advanced - $29

Case AND
Unlimited Tempered Glass

What's better than a good case or tempered glass? Both! This is a very popular option and a good value over buying your case and tempered glass separately.

Ultimate - $59

Advanced PLUS
12 Month Protection Plan

For those that are particularly hard on their devices (or whose kids are). You get a case & tempered glass to protect your device plus the peace of mind that, even if that fails, you won't have to pay anything extra.

Our protection plan has no deductible or forms. Break your device's glass within 12 months of purchase and fix it at no extra cost. It's that simple.

The Easy to Read Small Print

We think these are great deals, but they do come with a few restrictions. We want to be up front and honest about those.

  • Unlimited tempered glass can only be used for the phone it was purchased for. You will have to bring it back into the store to verify the serial number and then we place the new glass on your phone again.
  • The protection plan can only be redeemed once.
  • Screen must be unbroken and working at time of a protection plan purchase.
  • The protection plan doesn't cover lost or stolen devices, water damage, or any repair except a broken front glass.

Still have questions? No problem. We're happy to answer any questions you might have. Just give us a shout.

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