About Jet City Device Repair

Jet City Device Repair

We take great pride in providing quality products and services and outstanding customer service. Many companies make this claim. Here is how we achieve it:

  1. Experience. We've repaired 1000's of devices and we're good at it. Don't take our word for it, see what customers say about us.
  2. We stock all parts. This allows us to service mail-in repairs in under 24 hours and most in-person customers in 45 minutes or less.
  3. We buy in bulk. This means we get a good price and can pass that savings on to you.
  4. We have good suppliers. Finding quality parts for repairs is not as simple as hitting up the first result on Google or Ebay. We know - we've worked with dozens of suppliers over our years in business. But this effort has paid off. We now work with some of the best parts suppliers around.
  5. We guarantee our work and products. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our repair services. This includes the parts as well as the workmanship.

Our Story

How Jet City Device Repair Began

In 2007, Matt McCormick decided to leave his job as a programmer for Microsoft and to start his own company. Initially, he helped small businesses build and maintain their websites. To better understand his customers' needs, Matt decided to create his own e-commerce website. But doing what?

Shortly after starting out on his own, Matt broke the screen on his T-Mobile Dash. Like most people, he went to the dealership and was told he had to buy a new phone. So he did, and then two weeks later he stepped on that phone and broke the screen again. Sometimes fate demands to be heard.

This time Matt took the effort to figure out how to repair his own phone. First came the hours of online research to find a replacement screen and all the right tools. Then, after a week waiting for the supplies to arrive, an hour was spent getting the phone torn apart and put back together. Now with a working phone in hand, the idea for Jet City Device Repair was born.

Armed with this new idea and $600 of startup cash from his savings, the next task was to pick a name and build a website. The initial name was not exactly earth shattering: Mobile Device Repair. The initial website was horrendous. As Matt will tell you, he can write code pretty well, but if it was left to him, every website in the world would look like Craigslist.

Despite the bland name and ugly website, within a week people from all over the United States were mailing in their cracked T-Mobile Dash phones to Matt's apartment in Seattle.

Eventually, this part-time business added a few more phone repairs besides the T-Mobile Dash. By December of 2008 Mobile Device Repair was getting about 20 phones a week in the mail. This was when a friend of Matt's convinced him to start fixing the iPhone, drop his web development business, and focus on cell phone repair full-time.

From Mobile Device Repair to Jet City Device Repair

Over the next month, Matt and his friend, who was now a business partner, had the website redesigned to look much more professional. We also changed our name to Jet City Device Repair (Jet City is a nickname for Seattle because of Boeing). It turned out that a tremendous number of people in Seattle had cracked iPhones and wanted us to fix them while they waited. So Matt & Tom, who were working out of their homes, started meeting people at the local Tully's Coffee Shop and fixing them on the spot.

In March of 2009 two big things happened. First, it turned out that the in-person repair business was far bigger than the mail-in business. So our business had to be refocused on fixing phones for people while they waited. As nice as the people at Tully's were, we knew we had to have an actual location for people to come to. To that end, Tom rented a new apartment that had been an accountant's office. Tom lived in the back while setting up the front for customers - complete with a waiting room.

Secondly, Matt moved to Chicago to be closer to his family. Once in Chicago, he rented a small office space in the Ravenswood neighborhood. Now Jet City Device Repair had two make shift locations: One in Seattle being run out of Tom's apartment and another in a shared office space in Chicago.

Since "Jet City" didn't make much sense for Chicago, we decided to change the name in Chicago to Chicago Smart Phone Repair. After about a year of growth and success, Jet City Device Repair / Chicago Smart Phone Repair decided it was time to truly legitimize. Both our Seattle and Chicago shops rented full-blown retail spaces in each city. We also hired their first employees. That was in the spring of 2010.

That next year was an interesting one. Learning how to run the business with employees turned out to be a serious challenge for the two trained computer programmers turned entrepreneurs. But by the fall of 2011, things were running smoothly with one exception: It had gotten hard to manage the two different brands of Jet City Device Repair and Chicago Smart Phone Repair.

That bring us to the spring of 2012. It's very exciting time here. We're about to change our name one final time. Our new name will be Jet City Device Repair in Chicago and Seattle and in our new shop about to open up in Madison, WI. Also, Tom has decided to pursue another adventure in his life and recently sold his share of the company to John Matthews. John has been our incredible Seattle shop manager for a little over a year and it's very exciting to have him on the ownership team.

The Future of Jet City Device Repair

We think our future is looking bright. We've recently opened our third store in the South Lake Union area of Seattle and we're looking to open two more stores very soon (one more in the Seattle area and another in Chicago).